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Introduction to Kathy Vargas

Sunday, February 08 2015

Hi. For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Kathy Vargas and I've made Avon my main source of income for now. I've had my Avon business for 4 years, and I love it. Even if I have to go back to full-time office work someday (which I really hope I don't), I would continue to have my Avon business. Not only for the extra money it brings in, but because I get to help other people better their lives by teaching them how to have their own business. Other ways I help are by giving discounts to those who don't have much money, or by holding fundraisers for schools or other non-profit organizations, or by just sitting and talking with someone who lives alone and wants some company. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing my Avon journey with you.k-

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